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Friday, April 27, 2012

The World, According To Me: Much Ado About Something the Reaction from blue Elephant

The World, According To Me: Much Ado About Something, I get what the poster of this is trying to say. Being a Republican in the state of California (huge progressive population) you can't get what you want politically and corruption run's rampant with the other party in control. I agree with the poster on this, but it goes to a Point. Our Country under Obama has been like this too Before 2010 the Democratic Party had control of the nation.

Now the poster of this blog post is a friend I had when I was a Democrat. He lives in Utah were I live and he was behind the group Mormon's for Obama. I agree that every state and the federal Government need's checks and balances. At the state and yes federal level we need have balance.

The best that could be done is the country and State Governments need to sit on the fence politically.

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