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Friday, April 20, 2012

Manchin is one Democratic Senator that may not back Obama, He is unsure about Romney also!!!

     Romney may want to try and sit down with him. But West Virginia Democratic senator Joe Manchin is not sure if he will support Obama in his reelection bid for the presidency. He also say's he isn't sure about Romney also.  Let's not forget this man did a TV ad were he took a gun and shot the cap and trade bill.


    Manchin of course is Running again this year for his Senate seat. I believe that he is one of the small amount of people in the Democratic party that knows whats going on. As said Before Manchin is unsure of  Romney also. I think Romney would get more support from conservative Pro Gun Democrats like Manchin if he sit's down with Manchin and Discusses policy ETC. We need Conservative or Reagan Democrats on Team Romney if we want to defeat Obama.

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