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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hatch VS. Liljenquist let the Utah Brawl begin!!!!!!

I live in Utah so this story has a lot to do with me.

      Orrin Hatch a senator Utah has had in office since the 1970's is in the fight of his life to save his senate seat. Today at Utah state GOP convention he was voted into a primary race against Dan Liljenquist a Utah state legislator. Hatch say's unlike Bob Bennett he is more conservative, Hatch also wants to be a chairman on the finance committee. Liljenquist has the backing of tea party groups like freedomworks. they both have 2 months to fight to get utahn's votes. 

The video Below is of Sen. Hatch on greta's show demanding freedom works stop going after conservatives and go after every democrat in office and Obama. Hatch also call's the heads of freedomworks crazy libertarians.


     Hatch you over stayed your term that is why I am Backing Liljenquist!!!!!!

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