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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cindy Crawford and Gene Simmons are two hollywood celebrities that prove why we need Romney.

They both supported Obama in 08. But now they have shown how some People who Supported Obama in 08 but may now be rethinking about what they did.

  Cindy Crawford and Gene Simmons Both voted for Barack Obama in 2008. But now it seems that they looked at his policies and have been turned off. While Crawford is Beating around the bush about her support, Simmons has been more vocal about it. These two prove why we need Mitt Romney. There are people who are backing Romney that feel betrayed by Obama.

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  1. I think some on the Left feel that Obama goes even further than they would in their policies, and that is what really turns them off. Most of the people in Hollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole are flat out Communists, and being anything other will have you blacklisted. This is not something those parts of society like to talk about, but when Holly wood is throwing as much money as they do to the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party welcomes individuals like Barack Obama into their party knowing he is an extremist, what else are people supposed to think?

    He made himself look like he was the savior to this nation, but almost four years later we know the truth. he just does not like our rule of law and he will try and do anything to combat this nations rich history of that rule of law. Just look at his comments about the Supreme Court's power under judicial review and you can see the man is far more extreme than most Democrats.