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Sunday, April 8, 2012

This Mormon is going to call out Lawrence O'Donnell demand that Comcast suspend or fire him for his comments on Mormon's. Also Bill O'Reilly says something about it.

Lawrence O'Donnell just does not like the L.D.S. faith.


Of course this has caused Reaction. First Bill O'reilly Defended the L.D.S. Church, Which he has been known to do.


also one of the Local Utah (were the LDS church is headquartered) stations got reaction from the locals on this.


Of course was not the only time he did this. He did it on his show when a question from a paul supporter was asked that was too religious.


Then there was the comments on the Mchglochllian group that even had the Utah Democratic Party Condemning them.



at the Same Time BTR host Tessler is saying the same things O'Donnell is saying.

Listen to internet radio with Tessler on Blog Talk Radio

I have to say several things, first The Mormon church and Joseph Smith in the 1800's was abolishionist. Also the Faith helped with the underground railroad and the had African american members in the 1800's too. So O'Donnell and Tessler are baseless in there Mormonism assessment of Romney.

Also let's look at Romney's own Father George. he supported the civil rights movement of the 60's.

Attacking Romney's faith is just kicking him below the belt. and I am thinking of writing Comcast my disgust for Mr. O'Donnell and his lack of respect for religious beliefs.

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