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Friday, March 30, 2012

My political commentary post: how to bring youth into the gop umbrella.

I feel that the republican party has an age problem. The mellenial generation is a much needed group of voters. They are the reason Obama was elected into office. They have more to worry about when it comes to there future. I feel that the republican party may need to change some policies to embrace and throw out. Romney is not a social conservative like santorum. both santorum and romney have an enthusiasm problem especially with the youth. Ron paul has the enthusiasm but not the votes. So what does the gop do? Well they do what I said before and embrace a more libertarian viewpoint. Groups like GOProud and others can help with the view. Sites like breitbart helps with those things too. Here is what I think different cultures like geek and hip hop should be embraced by the gop. More elephants who play video games would be fun to watch.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Newt Gingrich Continues Campaign on a Shoestring budget

According to CNN Newt Gingrich is going to take the fight to Tampa, On a shoestring budget. He fired his Campaign manager and is cutting back on staff on his campaign. Seem's to me Gingrich is taking a page out of the Ron Paul playbook. He said if Romney get's 1144 delegates he will back out. But Gingrich feels he can pull delegates to him if the GOP convention goes open. Well I guess we will be stuck with 4 guy's fighting each other until the final GOP primary in Utah. This may help the GOP after all.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Utah Sen. Mike Lee last Utah Politician to back Romney.

  Mitt Romney now has Support from Every Utah Republican holding federal office. Mike Lee the Tea Party pick for senator endorsed Romney this passed weekend. 

Senator lee said.    “If Republicans want to repeal President Obama’s unconstitutional health care plan, restore limited government and individual liberty, they must unite behind Mitt Romney."

“He is the one candidate who will be able to win in November and implement policies that conservatives like me have been fighting for in the Senate,”

Well santorum will not have very strong support in Utah.

Caught on Mic: Obama tells Medvedev to wait till after his election everything will be handled afterwards.


Even the walls have ears! All I have gotta say is Obama you are just letting yourself go. Our country will not knock down our defenses we won't let you. What is Russia scared of any way? Oh wait Vlad Putin is A former KGB guy!!!!!! Obama you being his friend just shows that you are a commie!!!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

Rick Santorum is becoming Newt Gingrich!!!!!!

    It feels like Rick Santorum is starting to look a lot more like newt Gingrich first Some are saying he should gracefully back out of the GOP race and take a que from Both Romney and Huckabee in 08. But Santorum has also started a feud with Matt Drudge of the drudge report. Here is some videos from Glenn Becks radio Program on this very subject.



Funny thing is Rick Santorum Called into glenn's show to talk about it.


They talked about everything from the sun bathing pictures to Romney's flipflop's. At least Rick said we need to keep the race long to keep Obama and his warchest at bay. Rick said he will vote for the Nominee even if it's Ron Paul.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Paul Harvey audio from 1965 scarily predicts today.



audio without music to help Understand what is said.


This audio was played on glenn becks radio program, It sounds like the ghost of Paul Harvey is talking to us Right now.


The stubbornness of conservatives.

I feel that conservatives are just plain stubborn. Do you agree?

Freedomworks back's off on Romney attacks. Will not Endorse him!

     Freedom works a major Tea Party backer has decided to drop there attacks on Romney to push for Republican Unity. Of course this had the Newt Heads and Santorum nut's and other's who want a Brokered convention give freedomworks some backlash on twitter. Here is my opinion I think these People need to accept defeat and Unite Around romney. Grow up Tea Party!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Obama Reopens keystone pipeline plans to look more moderate to his GOP supporters.

    Obama is building part of the Keystone Pipeline to look more moderate. when he is not.

   After all the demands from the right to open Keystone Pipeline and Congressional Grilling of his energy Secretary and high gas prices Comrade Obama is back peddling on his stance on the Keystone XL pipeline. But instead of between Texas and Canada it will be between Oklahoma and Texas.  I feel this was a Undercutting move for Obama to keep the GOP Supporter's he had in 2008. Also it was made to make Independent's support Obama. I just wish some would see that this is a trick to get Votes and a Democratic Majority in the house. I know your tricks Mr. President. I won't vote for you again.

Blue elephant Vlog: TSA Insanity


Why search a little kid for explosives?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Romney win's the land of Lincoln.


According to CNN Romney won Illinois. Romney has 41% while Santorum has 35%.  So what are your thoughts? I feel Romney is now technically the nominee now.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Romney supporters say to the rest of the GOP join Us.

Mitt Romney Central a site for Mitt Romney supporters is asking the GOP to unite around Romney.

Many of our current visitors are new to MittRomneyCentral (MRC); some come here to learn a little about Governor Romney; others are searching for truth related to comments they read or heard in the press or media – many currently support former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, former Pennsylvania U.S. Senator Rick Santorum, or Congressman Paul.

We are a small, grassroots group of writers — the website has a large following with no affiliation at all to the Romney campaign. We are completely independent, allowing us to “speak our minds” so to speak.
We feel a kinship to the ardent supporters of Senator Santorum, Speaker Gingrich, and Congressman Paul and wish to invite you to join us in our efforts to defeat President Barack Obama in November. We are well aware of the differences we have and we are sensitive to the fact that those differences are important to you. We understand too that the policy positions of any one presidential candidate will not align perfectly with another. That said, we know that Governor Romney has far more in common with your candidate than you may yet understand.
As grassroots volunteers at MRC, we take nothing for granted. We have never stated that we think Gov. Romney’s competing for the nomination makes him the inevitable winner or that he is the presumptive nominee; not at all. To adopt any other attitude is unbecoming any campaign – we hope to reflect the modest attitude of our candidate and unitedly work to the main goal – that of defeating Obama in November.


I agree with what that article say's. The GOP needs to unite!!!!!! We do not need a brokered convention.

Romney pushes strong speech on the economy with the word freedom Gay Patriot has analysis.

In A speech by Romney on the Economy he mentioned freedom over 30 times. Gay patriot Has good analysis on this situation.

I heard the speech and I agree with the post at gay patriot on this. Of course the Supporters of Romney's current competition will say that the Speech does not matter Romney is not conservative. I say give Romney a chance. This Conservative Purity Test is not very helpful for the GOP. Romney is conservative.

Media Matters, and Al Jazeera a match made in Islamic extremist heaven.


   Thanks to CBC for this video. Where is the outrage on this? This just proves Media Matters is in league with Islamic extremist's. All I need to say is what the F*ck.

Thank You Unionized TSA!!!!!!

This crap the TSA is doing is getting ludachris no matter what is done we have a Unionized Government agency that get's touchy feelly with people and we can not do anything about it. Here is a Collection of the greatest TSA stupidity caught on tape.







Thank you Conservative T and T for the first Video. As you can see from all of these Videos the TSA is a unionized bureaucratic nightmare that violates our constitutional rights. It is bad that they are admistered by the federal government. It is worse that they are unionized. Do a search for TSA on You Tube. A lot of these Videos will be found.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I am sorry but I agree with Ben Shapiro on this.


The Birth er movement was started by the Hillary Clinton supporters who felt that Obama was not born in the United States.


Yes Glenn Beck is Right the birther's are like the truthers crazy. Birther movement was started by obama himself to make the tea party look crazy.    The Birther issue is just a big waste of time.                        

Romney Win's Puerto Rico Primary Also calls for Obama to fire 3 cabinet members.

Mitt Romney has a ton to celebrate. He won the Primary in Puerto Rico. But also his voice has become more strong against Obama as of late. Romney Demanded that Obama Fire 3 Cabinet Members over Gas prices.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar


EPA head Lisa Jackson.

This call from Romney to Obama to remove certain people from certain offices is a very strong stance for Romney to use. I feel by making demands like this Romney can only get more supporters for his cause by doing this. Also with Romney Winning Puerto Rico needs to be a clue to certain people need to know that Romney will get the 1,144 need to be nominated.

Blue Elephant got a forum.

I just created a forum Click on the link above or visit Here.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Santorum flipflops more than Romney does!!!!!!!!


    Yes that video explains it all. Mitt Romney is the most conservative.

Newt's rhetoric will not win him the Presidency.


    I mean his talk make's me cheer. But sounding like a grumpy old crank does not help anyone. I think the Tea Party want's to punch Obama in the stomach then kick him while he is down. People are so angry they let there anger define them. Newt would lose in a general election for being so angry, Like Rick Santorum who will lose for only doing social issues.

Mark Levin throws the hammer down on ann coulter.

Boy oh boy more fun from GOP fight going on between Rush Limbaugh's buddy and Ann Coulter. This annoys me just because Coulter is Backing Romney she get's called a Rino and then when she tell's it like it is with Sarah Palin she gets pushed around by these Newt, or Santorum Bot's. Talk about hypocracy. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why is the lame stream media keeping this Race Going Hugh Hewitt has the awnser.

    Nationally syndicated Talk Radio host Hugh Hewitt has an interesting article on about this. MSNBC, CNN, and more are just protecting Pres. Obama.


Mitt Romney’s nomination as the GOP standard bearer in the fall is as inevitable as Barack Obama’s renomination.
Meteors could hit either man, but it will be a Romney-Obama race in the fall, and the map favors Romney now, as do some national polls.
The election will come down to a dozen or so states: Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.
If gas prices continue to rise, the map of Romney’s opportunities to turn 2008 blue states to 2012 red states could grow to include Michigan and New Jersey, perhaps Washington and Oregon, and possibly, in a very good year, Minnesota, but the core 12 states are what will matter in the fall.
Which is why Obama-fans in the MSM don’t want to declare the obvious and recognize Romney as the GOP nominee. The sooner the shouting is over on the GOP side, the sooner Team Romney turns its full attention to building the campaign in the key states.
Thus does the Chicago gang struggle to keep alive the myth that Romney might not be the nominee, and thus do the Obama-enablers in the Manhattan-Beltway media elite work overtime to argue that a “brokered convention” could happen.
You won’t find any serious analysis of how that comes about, any walk through the states with primaries or caucuses remaining with a projected vote in each of them and a delegate division that would follow which ends up with a Santorum nomination or even with Romney not getting to 1144.
It isn’t possible when you get down to specifics, so no specifics are offered. The MSM knows this and resists doing the math as a result.
Don’t blame Rick Santorum for staying in the hunt, because meteors do sometimes hit earth, and as we all know Yellowstone is long overdue for its big blow.
Plus the former Pennsylvania senator is using his time in the media spotlight to argue for the same issues and ideas he has long defended and to which he remains deeply committed, including the rights of the unborn and of the people of Iran. Every day that Rick Santorum stays visible in the MSM is a good day for the cause of life in America and freedom abroad.
But we should be clear-eyed about what the MSM is doing: Protecting President Obama from having to respond to his challenger, and preventing that challenger from devoting all of his resources to the battleground states.


    I agree with Hugh Hewitt on this. Romney is the Nominee. But The mainstream media want's to keep this going so Obama is not attacked right now. I support Romney and feel that it may help Romney if this Race keep's going. As long as we do not end up with a Brokered convention.

Sarah Palin is not making friend's in some GOP circles.

     Mrs. Palin is not making friends with us Romney supporters. She keeps on demanding for a brokered GOP convention. She even most recently said she would accept the brokered nomination at convention. Well Daily Caller has a story about Ann Coulter's reaction to Mrs. Palin saying what she is saying. Let's just say Coulter compares Palin to a con artist. 


      I hate to say it but I agree with Ms. Coulter on this one. If Palin wanted to be president she should have done what her buddy Michelle Bachman did and ran. Pushing for a brokered convention is coning people or cheating.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rick Santorum not gaining friends at the Cato Institute or Libertarian Circles. Blame paulbots for brokered convention talk.

There is talk that Rick Santorum is not exactly a friend of libertarian's. Rick Santorum has been showing he is an extreme social conservative. Rick has even said totally embracing libertarianism begget's george soros.

The problem is that he has the head of the cato institute scarred of him. Glenn beck even talked to him about his stances on Libertarianism. There is also talk of a shouting match at a campaign event were Rick told a guy if you want limited government vote Ron Paul.

Speaking of Ron Paul there is Time is Reporting that Paul and Romney are moving closer to a deal, at the same time Reason, and Ron Paul's Campaign are Refuting this. Saying the media is just being unfair to congressman Paul. Paul's People are also saying they want a brokered convention. Who do we blame for this push for a brokered convention the Stubborn Ron Paul People.

If we go to a brokered convention and Lose to Obama do not blame me because I do not want The Gop to make some dumb mistake and put us in a brokered convention for some dumb purity contest.

Why call Romney a member of the establishment when you are one yourself

    I am very much for what the Tea Party stands for. But I feel this attack on people who are not Republican enough to be in office is messed up. Though I am all for throwing incumbent GOP out of there Offices (I'm  part of the movement to remove Orrin Hatch in my state). But to say someone is a rino because they had to deal with a Liberal Legislature as governor and vetoed certain measures in laws only to get the Vetoes repealed by his legislature is stupid.

    So the question is. Is Romney really Tea Party Material? ask the Independence hall Tea Party who endorsed Romney. I here Newt and Santorum are more Tea Party than even Romney is. Well at the time of Tea Party rallies Newt and Santorum were not the only ones at the rallies. Romney was a speaker at them too. So Newt and Santorum are tea party as much as Romney is.

      Funny thing is Rush limbaugh and other talk radio host's call 
romney establishment. Funny thing is they are establishment themselves.

  At least hugh hewitt and some other's are not being cranky about Romney. Glenn Beck even said he would vote Romney over Newt if he had a choice.

Santorum just as corrupt as newt without the cheating.

Check out this article.

COMMENTARY | Rick Santorum's backers are calling for Newt Gingrich to exit the race and Mitt Romney's camp has suggested his delegates lead is nearly mathematically insurmountable. Santorum, who told NBC's "Meet The Press" that Gingrich could "stay in as long as he wants," has been reluctant to push for his friend from Georgia to leave the race. As well he should. Santorum should hope Gingrich remains for a while because Gingrich is running interference for him.
Santorum has been elevated to co-front-runner status largely due to a couple of factors. One, he isn't Romney, which has been a problem for the Romney campaign, having to weather the ups and downs of the other Republican contenders as they play pretender to the nomination throne. Two, he isn't Gingrich, a character who not only sends the conservative moral compass spinning because of his personal life but who is also a known Washington power player with good-ol'-boy congressional ties and extensive lobbying connections.
These factors are Santorum's current strength. Who he is not is cloaking him from conservative votersactually paying attention to who he is. And Gingrich -- perhaps unintentionally -- is helping him do that.
Santorum comes off like some Bible-pounding preacher railing against big government and the moral decay of America, which is all well and good when propped up beside Gingrich's record. But Santorum's political record isn't much better. Like Gingrich, Santorum fought ethics charges while in Congress. Those allegations would see him lose his Pennsylvania senatorial seat in 2006. He subsequently went to work as a consultant for a major Washington lobbying group.

Hear that rick you are being told you are like newt.

Do conservatives even care for the fence sitters.

         After Santorum won both Alabama and Mississippi I feel that the conservative movement could care less about the fence sitters in this country, I have nothing against conservatism by any means. But I feel that the tea party has turned presidential races into purity contests. Moves like this make fence sitting republican's change over too the Democratic party. Democrat's are more inclusive which is a bad thing for The GOP.

        Ask a Rino or who is thought as rino were they lean politically they will tell you that they lean conservative. The problem is that Democrat's use attack's on rino's as a rallying cry. Like my site motto's say's rino's are conservative too.

         The truth of the matter is also that Santorum and Gingrich are tea party just a much as Mitt Romney. They are not really tea party. Herman cain was more Tea Party. The democrats found a way to eliminate him. The GOP needs to be inclusive. We don't need a conservative we need a leader. I want Mitt.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Romneycare vs. Obamacare the misconseptions.

some one told me to do my homework on Romney so here we go this is the Truth on Romneycare. here you go. From site Tea party for Romney (yes tea party for romney). I hope his helps you understand were he stands. Romney is going to do what he say's. Repeal Obamacare!!!!






GOP end this race now!!!!!!!!!!

People ask why I endorsed Mitt Romney Infact my BTR show episode crashed and burned over my endorsement.

Listen to internet radio with blueelephant on Blog Talk Radio

My thing is I want this Race for the most conservative cannidate to end. Yes we do need a conservative to go against Obama sure. But what good will it do us to push for the most conservative till the cows come home and limp into the arena with no way to help us.

I have said here on the blog that I went Republican, then Democrat, then back to Republican. GGT asked on last nights show why I did that I was right on what I said to him. but the other reason was because the Democrats felt more inclusive then the Republicans. were The Republican party has there own factions and fight over who is the best conservative, Democrats have there factions too but unlike Republicans they get in line and go with what they have.

The reason I returned to the Republican party is because of what I read in Glenn Beck's common sense. I realized getting in line was not a good Idea and it was bankrupting our Country. The other reason was Obamacare, I know most of you reading this want to bring up RomneyCare. The difference is Romney's was State While Obama's is federal. Also if you want to bring up the different things added into romneycare, I will say people like Eric Holder current attorney General may have something to do with that.

The next thing that annoy's the hell out of me is the Newt Gingrich supporters demanding he is the only conservative, and Ron Paul Supporters saying no one but Paul, Infact one Paul supporter called into my show  last night mentioning this new act and Obama would be arrested for treason. So not true.

If the GOP does not get it's act together this thing is going to crash. Soon the smoking man above will stay in office and My Children and your children will have to pay more for him using our credit card.

Mitt to most conservatives maybe a Rino. But if you ask him he will probably say, "I am very conservative".
The problem is the GOP wants conservatives a only conservatives, they call mitt Obama White. But we need a CEO type that was in the private sector (I know should have been Herman Cain, But you know how the leftwing press is about Right wingers and affairs).

The reason Romney may be considered a Rino may have to do with John Mccain's leftest leaning Rino daughter Meghan endorsing him like crazy this year, Also it may have to do with the fact that most feel Obamacare was based on Romneycare.

Which leaves us with Rick Santorum, A guy that is the one who may just get enough delegates to at least be Romney's VP with the way the race is going. Though I do not mind him I have my qualms, For example his word blunders make him sound like a neo-christian-conservative, which is not a bad thing till you face Obama and he drives the debate.

As I said before if we do not as the GOP get our act together we will lose and lose sorely. So I say go with Romney everything else will work itself out.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Romney or Santorum would beat Obama in a general election fight.

according to Rasmussen Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney would beat Obama if the race were held Now.

Another interesting fact is a latest poll from Mississippi shows Romney in the lead with 35%.

Infact I learned this from GGT183 on my show today.

Listen to internet radio with blueelephant on Blog Talk Radio

Well Romney's Mormonism is definately not a factor in this race. All I can say is I will Probably vote Romney anyway.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I may not be a big Rush Limbaugh fan but this is getting ridiculous

Ok this is a little over the top. First Gloria Allred feels she want's to cause problems for Rush Limbaugh so much so she want's to demand that he be arrested. Next apparently companies are saying that they will avoid talk radio altogether. This information is found in a Huffington post article which has no mention of ed shultz or mike malloy. The article states that a group of companies like GM and Mcdonald's have a memo out stating that they will not suppport air time on premiere radio networks Broadcast.

"To all Traffic Managers: The information below applies to your Premiere Radio Networks commercial inventory. More than 350 different advertisers sponsor the programs and services provided to your station on a barter basis. Like advertisers that purchase commercials on your radio station from your sales staff, our sponsors communicate specific rotations, daypart preferences and advertising environments they prefer…
They’ve specifically asked that you schedule their commercials in dayparts or programs free of content that you know are deemed to be offensive or controversial (for example, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Leykis, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity). Those are defined as environments likely to stir negative sentiment from a very small percentage of the listening public."
I myself was never a big Rush Limbaugh fan Even before my liberal period. My dad would listen to him when I was a kid, and my uncle a son of liberals listens to him constantly. I myself am more of a Glenn Beck fan.

But I feel that both stories have the same effect all the same. This fluke bull is being used as a ploy to knock conservative talk radio of the air. 

Why are we even talking about this crap still? I will tell you why so the left can kill two birds with one stone. First they spin the contriseptives issue with the catholic church as a womens health issue, Next a 30 year old law student becomes an overnight celebrity when Rush Limbaugh calls her a slut. I was a liberal I know how they operate. They want bills to go there way and they want all forms of media even talk radio to side with them. No conservative voice to counter liberal talking points.

Let us not forget Bill Maher. The guy trashes sarah palin and michelle bachman while paying obama to defeat conservatives. I think hell has frozen over.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Ron Paul's Neo-Nazi and White power group problem.

Thank you blogtalkradio buddy A12iggymom for bringing attention to this.

Ron Paul with Neo-Nazi Don Black and Don's son Derek.

Yes at one time I supported Ron Paul. But I lost interest in him not because of Ron Paul Himself but because of his Supporters. Most if not all of Mr. Paul's Supporters call themselves anarchocapitalist's meaning they are anarchist, I can talk about anarchy later. But now I want to talk about Ron Paul's support from Racist's and Neo-Nazi's.

They started a pro paul website, and Don Black (Pictured Above) and David Duke Have Both endorsed Ron Paul. At the same time there is A video from revolution pac saying Paul is not Racist.

All I can say is the Ron Paul supporters like what revolution pac is doing ETC. Can do these things But When Paul takes Pictures with Neo-Nazi's ETC. You have a Problem. Not just that any hope of a Ron or Rand Paul VP spot are dashed. Because as we all know the media never tell's the truth and so they can spin that any way they want. Like on a Mitt Romney/ Rand Paul Ticket The Media can say A Member of a Racist Church (which is not true) and the son of a man that associates with racist's are the GOP choice so go with Obama. Like I said my Problem with Ron Paul is not the man himself. But the people who support him.