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Monday, March 12, 2012

GOP end this race now!!!!!!!!!!

People ask why I endorsed Mitt Romney Infact my BTR show episode crashed and burned over my endorsement.

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My thing is I want this Race for the most conservative cannidate to end. Yes we do need a conservative to go against Obama sure. But what good will it do us to push for the most conservative till the cows come home and limp into the arena with no way to help us.

I have said here on the blog that I went Republican, then Democrat, then back to Republican. GGT asked on last nights show why I did that I was right on what I said to him. but the other reason was because the Democrats felt more inclusive then the Republicans. were The Republican party has there own factions and fight over who is the best conservative, Democrats have there factions too but unlike Republicans they get in line and go with what they have.

The reason I returned to the Republican party is because of what I read in Glenn Beck's common sense. I realized getting in line was not a good Idea and it was bankrupting our Country. The other reason was Obamacare, I know most of you reading this want to bring up RomneyCare. The difference is Romney's was State While Obama's is federal. Also if you want to bring up the different things added into romneycare, I will say people like Eric Holder current attorney General may have something to do with that.

The next thing that annoy's the hell out of me is the Newt Gingrich supporters demanding he is the only conservative, and Ron Paul Supporters saying no one but Paul, Infact one Paul supporter called into my show  last night mentioning this new act and Obama would be arrested for treason. So not true.

If the GOP does not get it's act together this thing is going to crash. Soon the smoking man above will stay in office and My Children and your children will have to pay more for him using our credit card.

Mitt to most conservatives maybe a Rino. But if you ask him he will probably say, "I am very conservative".
The problem is the GOP wants conservatives a only conservatives, they call mitt Obama White. But we need a CEO type that was in the private sector (I know should have been Herman Cain, But you know how the leftwing press is about Right wingers and affairs).

The reason Romney may be considered a Rino may have to do with John Mccain's leftest leaning Rino daughter Meghan endorsing him like crazy this year, Also it may have to do with the fact that most feel Obamacare was based on Romneycare.

Which leaves us with Rick Santorum, A guy that is the one who may just get enough delegates to at least be Romney's VP with the way the race is going. Though I do not mind him I have my qualms, For example his word blunders make him sound like a neo-christian-conservative, which is not a bad thing till you face Obama and he drives the debate.

As I said before if we do not as the GOP get our act together we will lose and lose sorely. So I say go with Romney everything else will work itself out.

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