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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Obama Reopens keystone pipeline plans to look more moderate to his GOP supporters.

    Obama is building part of the Keystone Pipeline to look more moderate. when he is not.

   After all the demands from the right to open Keystone Pipeline and Congressional Grilling of his energy Secretary and high gas prices Comrade Obama is back peddling on his stance on the Keystone XL pipeline. But instead of between Texas and Canada it will be between Oklahoma and Texas.  I feel this was a Undercutting move for Obama to keep the GOP Supporter's he had in 2008. Also it was made to make Independent's support Obama. I just wish some would see that this is a trick to get Votes and a Democratic Majority in the house. I know your tricks Mr. President. I won't vote for you again.

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  1. It's a shell game and most people will see right through it. You can't build half a pipeline and believe that it will do any kind of good at all, and the president knows this. He also knows, as well as the people SHOULD, that the southern half of the pipeline was never an issue for the EPA or the Administration. It was always the northern half of the pipeline that got the EPA to say it was not safe and got the President to turn down the proposal to begin with. The problem has always been the north of the pipeline and at best it will take a while to even get the approval through EPA and local authorities to get the northern part moving.

    Do not be surprised, though, if we see the EPA and local authorities grant permission to go ahead with the northern part as well right before the election, possibly 2-4 before we vote. The theory is simple: Obama has nothing to run on, right? What will he run on? ObamaCare? Dodd-Frank? Stimulus? He can't and he knows it, even if he wins the battle at the Supreme Court over health care. All he has left to show that he is trying is this pipeline, and it could be his ace in the hole if he chooses to use it that way.