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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Santorum play's along Micheal Moore's anti Romney operation loses supporters in the process.

from a follower on ann coulters twitter.

  -You may be right Ann! But a Santorum fan before, he lost me this week w/his negativity on Romney.

Well then I was looking at the blogs I follow and I found This:

With Michael Moore telling Rachel Maddow that some of his “Democratic friends will vote for [Rick] Santorum in something they are calling Operation Hilarity“, we have some evidence that the DailyKos is having some success in their efforts to make mischief in the Republican primary, by getting their supporters to vote for Rick Santorum.
Indeed, one poll shows Romney leading among “actual Republican voters, 43-38,” but Santorum “up 47-10 with Democratic voters”.  And now Rick Santorum’s campaign has been robo-calling Democrats, urging them to vote for the former Pennyslvania Senator in the Michigan Republican primary.
In an e-mail to reporters and appearance this morning on Fox and Friends, Romney Spokeswoman Andrea Saul and the candidate himself, respectively, took Santorum to task for the calls, with the latter calling them “a terrible, dirty trick.”  Romney even accused his opponent of “trying to ‘kidnap our primary process‘”.  Santorum supporter Ed Morrissey disagrees, saying it’s hardly a “dirty trick” and ”certainly not ‘kidnapping’ a primary that’s already open to Democratic voters.

Here we go with santorum playing right into the left's trap.  I was going to back santorum to a point. But now I am going to go Romney. Because unlike Santorum Romney is not shoving his religion down people's throughts. I'm just going to stick with Ron Paul at least he will get along with Romney.

Here is another reason I am dropping my support to Santorum. Tessler was on the 20/20 radio show and he brought up Romney's religion and the "Magic Underwear" he also said Mormon is a racsist religion. Did he even know mormon's were part of the underground railroad.

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Thank you tessler for not knowing anything.

Monday, February 27, 2012

W Cleon Skousen: Iraq war unconstitutional, Islam a religion of murderer's

W Cleon Skousen wrote 5000 year leap a book thought of highly by glenn beck.  He is like rothbard and misses are to some in political and economic philosophy.

This was before his death in 2006 he say's the war in Iraq was unconstitutional but he also say's Islam is a religion of murderer's. That is were I stand Iraq was a false war. But 9/11 was not blow back like Ron Paul say's. Islam want's to destroy isreal.

Mark Levin attacks murray rothbard, Tom Wood's has to say things about it.

The reason this is some feel that rothbard represents anarchy, Most who support his views call themselves anarchocapitalist's which is a form of anarchy.

Comrade Obama makes move to win votes and lies about his stance on Isreal

Well it look's like Obama is trying to cave to Democratic voters that got mad at him and his stance on Isreal.

Ed Koch former New York Mayor and TV judge has changed his stance on Comrade Obama saying 

"I congratulated him on his speech to the United Nations in which he acknowledged Israel's presence in a difficult neighborhood," Koch of course is referring to a Dinner party that comrade Obama invited him to after a Speech at the UN in which Obama flip flopped on his stance towards isreal.                      

video of speech in question:

Now with Ed Koch's new found support for Obama. Koch is turning the Tables on the people he supported in the summer by attacking current GOP front runner Rick Santorum by saying he is a right wing nut job. according to the glenn beck news site the blaze.

here is what I have to say Ed Koch if Obama does what he did again don't come running to us in the GOP because we won't help you we will do things our own way. And don't go on Fox news or Newsmax saying how much you dislike obama's Isreal policy because you just started listening to pinocchio.

and unlike the story of pinocchio if he tells the truth we will not be attacked by jihadist who want to destroy us and isreal, and if he is lying isreal will be wiped off the map. I place my bet's on the later, and I feel Comrade Obama did what he did to get Koch's vote. That's what Communist's do they lie to get what they want. and invite people to dinner. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mitt Romney quest for the presidency makes me Defend my faith on BTR.

Not many on BTR (blog Talk radio) know that I share the same religion as Mitt Romney.

Of course I do not support Mitt I am more torn Between Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. But because Mitt a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is Running for president. The L.D.S. Church becomes an issue.

Well the BTR show socialism is not an option with Tessler started talking about his mormon faith.

I really had to get on and defend my faith.

Now I know what they say about Tessler being dean of BTR. I call him the King of BTR.

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Here is my thoughts on romney and Mormonism in the GOP.

Romney is a rino, no matter what fellow members of my church say about him.

No matter what you think I feel mormon's are christian too

Here is what I said to tessler.

Mormonism is a huge movement in the GOP

Utah is the reddest in the united states. it voted for GOP president since the 1980's.

Harry Reid Democratic Senate Majority leader is infact LDS.

does that mean that The LDS church should throw harry reid out for his Socialist stances? No.

I will speak about this on my show.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Support Popular vote a way to give a real conservative the presidency.

support popular vote is a way to change the presidential election.

If we had a vote based on popularity. states like Utah and Georgia would want to have a say in the election. A rino would never have to run again.

Glenn beck, rick santorum interview get's my attention.

He explains to glenn that he would not end the fed but audit it, He also say's that libertarians have reasonable gripes but he is against there extreme anarchy. I Now understand and on my Sunday show I will play clips that got my attention. But after this Interview I now know what the man really thinks. I think I may actually vote for him now that I know the truth.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Newt Gingrich is a Real Politic Wilsonian!!!!!!!!

Everyone who supports newt thinks Glenn Beck attacks newt because Like Mitt Romney Beck is a Mormon and want's to make history with the first Mormon in the white house.


Harry Reid is also Mormon does Glenn support him to?

Yep nothing like ripping on harry reid gaffes. "Harry Reid is a unicorn"- Glenn Beck

Just because Glenn is mormon does not mean he supports Mitt Romney, I am Mormon and I don't really back Mitt Romney.

the full reason Glenn does not like newt.

There you go!!!!

more information on Newt

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ron Paul sticking on the economy message.

a blog I follow and Link to here. gay patriot Directed me to this political ad by Ron Paul. I feel that the blogger was right. While the race has gone to a social issues route. Ron Paul is sticking to economic issues. I also heard on Bill O'reilly's show Karl Rove say That compared to his former boss Bush, Santorum is not inclusive on social issues.

Political Breather: Wii U to get media content Partnership's

This is a blog post series were I take a break from Politics and talk about Stuff that interests me. This will also be a once a week segment on my BTR (Blog Talk Radio) Show.

For some that do not know Wii u is Nintendo's answer to Xbox 360 and PS3. Well according to Gamespot Nintendo is in negotiations with Media companies like Comcast (who own's NBCUniversal) for media content.

The Article in question:

Nintendo was late to the console-as-entertainment-hub game with its top-selling Wii, but a new report suggests non-gaming content will have a higher priority with the Wii U.AdWeek reports Nintendo has entered negotiations with "major media companies" in an effort to possibly bring their content to the Wii U.
AdWeek's report did not indicate which media companies Nintendo is targeting for content distribution agreements. However, the news site's sources indicate that Nintendo is pursuing an online strategy similar to Microsoft's.
Thanks to its Xbox Live online platform, the Xbox 360 supports a variety of content from various media companies. These range from on-demand movie and television streaming services Hulu and Netflix to niche partners like Major League Baseball, HBO, and BBC. Microsoft has also signed deals with Comcast and Verizon to turn the Xbox 360 into a cable-box receiver.
AdWeek's report named only Comcast as a partner targeted by Nintendo, saying the company may be considering a deal similar to what the cable network has with Microsoft. Nintendo's outreach has reportedly extended to multiple cable networks as well as online video producers.
Already, Nintendo has said that an online platform will be far more central to the Wii U than it was for the Wii. Also coming to the 3DS, the Nintendo Network will cover "competitions and communication among users, as well as the sales of digital content." The online platform will also allow for personalized online accounts and possibly the sale of full-game downloads.

What do you think?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fight off Romney push for a brokered convention

I have decided the best thing to do is to push for a brokered GOP convention I will explain more on my Show later today. But this is my plan. I am not going to back Mitt Romney even though he shares the same Religion I do. I feel he has a flip flop problem just as bad as John Kerry. Also can you say Romneycare?  So you all Know Harry Reid is Mormon too and he is doing stuff that really pisses me off too. Also as a former Liberal I supported Obama and him making history was one of the reason's I voted for him. Mitt will be the first Mormon President (Making History). I will not make the making history mistake again. Newt Gingrich may have done things and is doing things to cheer me on like telling liberal moderators off at GOP debates, and demanding Lincoln Douglas style debates (Obama won't accept no matter what newt does), Also as house Speaker he had the contract with america. But Gingrich's infitellity and his vocalism too Progressive Ideas turn's me off (Sorry Glenn Beck is not saying this stuff to defend Mitt like Ann Coulter is Beck is not that big of a fan of Romneycare ether). I was for Ron Paul for a while but it was not Paul himself that turned Me off it was his supporters. Though I agree with his libertarian like views his supporters are Stubburn. They say Paul or else some have even said they will vote for Obama to teach the Gop a lesson. His supporters also look very highly at people like Alex Jones (A 9/11 Truther) and Jessie Ventura who is just as crazy as jones (Jones and Ventura make Glenn Beck's Conspiracies more Truthful, which beck is telling the truth).  Next some of Paul's Supporters call themselves Anarchocapitalist's Meaning they want a free market but are anarchist's which means they are against any form of government what so ever. Cleon Skousen's the 5000 year leap explains more on anarchy. But let me just say our country was founded as a country between anarchy and tyranny. Last but not least is Rick Santorum. I plan to vote for him but I still feel very uncomfortable about him Disliking Libertarians.

the video in question

So what do we do with these not perfect GOP Choices Push for a brokered convention. Vote for one of the three anti romney's Paul, Gingrich, or Santorum. Also Donate money to two or three of there campaigns. What I am going to do is vote for Santorum while Donating to both Paul's and Santorum's campaigns. Also Paul has Delegates who will back him and anyone that will stand up for what they stand for, so a brokered convention can and will happen.

If we go to a Brokered convention here is the choices of people we should go with.

Sarah Palin, Would conservatives vote to get a hot babe in the white house you betcha.

Jim Demint, I am all for him especially if he say's he embraces Libertarianism in the GOP.

Rand Paul, He is less of a firebrand then his father is, I also know Findalis on Blogtalk say's Jewish people will not back any member of the Paul family Because they think Rand's Dad Ron is an anti Semite or nazi. Rand is at least a lot more put together then his dad, Also Rand has said he is for defending Isreal so much so that Glenn Beck say's he would do anything in his power to get Rand in the White house.

Jon Huntsman, yeah I know he was a Chinese ambassador under Obama. But as Governor of Utah he helped the state gain more business and run less debt, He did try to Run But Romney got all the Mormon support, and his camp started to rough up the Ron Paul camp.

Mike Lee, or as I call him The Mormon end of the Tea Party. He was one of the Senators to vote against NDAA, He like his Senate counterpart Rand Paul has a Libertarian Conservative Streak and Unlike Paul he does not have the anti-sematic turn off that rand has. But also Unlike Mitt Romney he is a Mormon The Tea Party can get Behind.

Michelle Bauchman, Yeah she ran and it went no were. But like Palin she is good looking and smart. Also she is a former liberal which will push her to kick obama's butt.

Mitch Daniels, The governor of Indiana has a strong following and it showed when he turned down a presidential run and his supporters went for Huntsman. You can say his response to Obama's SOTU was lame but he does have a following.

Marco Rubio, I mean the guy beat Fla. former GOP Governor in the senate race for goodness sake.

Condie Rice, She was the best cabinet member in the bush administration.

Allen West, need I say more

Friday, February 17, 2012

The gay Patriot blog talks about the contraception mandate in obamacare

The dudes over at gay patriot have posted an interesting article about the Contraception mandate, and Obamacare.

I think it's ridiculous what obama is trying to do with our healthcare system. I mean because of this whole thing Glenn beck has started a we are all catolics now campaign. As I have said before on my radio show I supported Obama in his first run for president. It was mostly over the Iraq war that Bush and his croonies pushed. Now we have obama in office and he is making communist like moves. All I need to say is throw the bum out!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

More dumb comments from Marxist congresswomen Maxine Waters.


I was a Democrat and most of what she is saying is the same socialist Propaganda I have heard the Democratic party say. The republicans are lazy rich people that do not care about poor people. Even worse she called John Boehner and Eric Cantor demons. This is the Usual bull the Dem's say to push there socialist agenda, and Rip or Constitution to shreads.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Does Media really Matter?

The Daily Caller has dug up alot on media Matters. The Soro's funded Leftist Propaganda Machine founded by ex-conservative David Brock. It has a lot of skeletons in it's closet. Tucker Carlson's The DC has brought the skeletons out. I will talk about this on my next episode of my radio show. As a former Democrat I saw what this left wing Propaganda Machine was saying and doing. At the begining they just answered to charges made by Right Wing Talkers like Rush Limbaugh. Now they take there words and cut them to say Glenn Beck is a Racist, or Fox is a GOP propaganda machine. When in all truth Media Matters is a Left Wing pro-communist propaganda Machine in bed with Obama.

Monday, February 13, 2012

National Review: "Gingrich leave and let Santorum beat Romney". Also does Santorum not like Libertarians?

Newt is starting to feel the heat. The National Review is now trying to tell Newt Gingrich to leave the race and telling him it is Santorum's time to shine.

of course at the same time there is a Quote that came out by Rick Santorum Stating libertarians are ruining the Republican party.  there was also  a Libertarian asking if there was a Libertarian case for Rick Santorum. If you ask me a Libertarian Conservative. I believe that Santorum may be inclusive of Libertarians if only they stand by his social issues.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Prediction Ron Paul will Be on the Republican Ticket?

 I would be myself all for Ron Paul being on the GOP Ticket. The only thing is the Liberty Movement May not Back this Move if made by Paul. It all Depends on if Ron Paul would Accept. Like Mr. Politics said to me in my Last show. The Paul Delegates will not sell out. Also in Holgers Show A lady called in and said that Ron Paul is a nazi, and Jewish voters will be turned off by GOP Convention speech by Ron Paul. If she is right will they vote for the GOP Ticket if Ron Paul is on it? Maybe not.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rick Santorum Might Be Sweeping Colorado, Minnesota, and the Missouri Beauty Contest.

   I may support Ron Paul But after listening to Rick's Election speech tonight he got my attention.


     I think What happened with Obama and Mr Santorum's Religion opened him up. After hearing that speech I like Rick Santorum now. The tea party is now saying what they need to say, and they are Talking through Rick Santorum. This Race may come down to a four man race. I still think we will have a brokered Republican Convention.

Super Bowl ad creates political debate

It's halftime in america

what SE Cupp and Buck Sexton has to say about it.

Jerry doyle and Glenn Beck both like the ad. But Karl Rove the so said archetect by Sean "face of fox" Hannity. Said that the ad was a pro-Obama ad. to Me the ad smell's like a ronald Reagan ad. What do you think?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ron Paul pushing for brokered GOP Convention, Ron Paul himself may not want four more years of obama but his liberty movement cannot be sold out.

          Ron Paul sitting with head of the conservative revolution and former US President Ronald Reagan

You may have caught last nights radio show. The Caller I brought on Mr. Politics who is part Ron Paul's liberty movement Said that the movement does not follow the man they follow the policy. I agree with that statement, the only thing I disagree with is Ron Paul supporters saying they will give Obama 4 more years to teach the GOP a lesson.

In all Reality I do not think Rep. Paul wants 4 more years of obama himself. The problem is unlike the Tea Party who is Behind Gingrich and Santorum. The Liberty Movement is more Stubburn and like Mr. Politics said to me last night they would basiclly hold the Gop hostage until there demands were met. I Support Ron Paul but I am not part of this movement that is talked about.

Now there has been talk of Unity between the Romney and Paul camp's. Most in the liberty Movement think it is the mainstream Media trying to End the Primaries as soon as possible. They also feel that Paul gets left out all the time. I think Paul's Movement thinks this way because of what other members of the GOP think of the 76 year old gynecologist from Texas. The funny thing is I have heard what has been said about Dr. Paul Being a member of Blog talk radio you hear it all, "Racist Jew Hater" or "Nazi" is what I have heard him be called.  I have also heard his supporters be called Nazi's too. I actually think that Romney and Paul are just close friends Because of who they are. Back in 08 Romney's Religion Mormonism stood in the way of him becoming President. I remember Because at the time Romney was Mentioned a lot in my State (Utah) like he is now because he saved the salt lake olympics from falling apart, and of course mormon's are a high population here. Paul on the other hand in 08 was considered a crazy old man because he wanted to withdrawl us from Iraq. Telling the GOP to go against everything that Bush stood for was a no no.
This all went on until the Tea Party arrived and embraced three party's. Republican, Libertarian, and Constitution.

With most of Dr.Pauls Followers saying Dr. Paul or else. Is the Tea Party going to Be able to help the GOP against Obama. I say yes. but what I hear from the Members of the liberty movement I think that they want the Tea Party Delegates to go with them. The Problem is Newt Gingrich will probably be like Ron Paul and fight Romney all the way to the convention. 

Hello Brokered Gop Convention. and I feel it will go 3 way's. there are Reports that Paul will find ways to turn the convention in his favor. But will the stubburn Paul deligates go with it? well just have to see. 

News you need to know, and political comment of the week.

Paul Romney Alliance?----------------Wash Post

Accused suspect, and husband of Victim, in Utah Missing person case blows up house killing him and his two

Paul supporter Sues Gingrich camp over broken foot--------------The Blaze

Paul gets ass handed to him in Nevada----------------------------Politico

Giants eliminate Patriots-------------------------------------------Huffington post

Holder say's he told no one in obama admin anything about fast and furious---------Daily caller

Corporatism is not free market Capitalism.-------------------------------Reason

Obama feels he is entitled to second term----------------------------------Daily Beast


Political Comment of week Mark Levin shoots self in foot on the subject of Ron Paul.

You may have heard this clip on my radio show but I thought this should be mentioned.


now heres what I mean about Levin shooting himself in the foot, This is from a month ago.


It seems to me like Mr. Levin is a Newt Bot or Santorum boy. It seems Levin is ok with a Paul Gop alliance as long as it is not with The Massachusetts Moderate. Mark Levin is ok with gingrich or santorum but not romney or paul hmmm. can you say flip flop?