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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mitt Romney quest for the presidency makes me Defend my faith on BTR.

Not many on BTR (blog Talk radio) know that I share the same religion as Mitt Romney.

Of course I do not support Mitt I am more torn Between Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. But because Mitt a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is Running for president. The L.D.S. Church becomes an issue.

Well the BTR show socialism is not an option with Tessler started talking about his mormon faith.

I really had to get on and defend my faith.

Now I know what they say about Tessler being dean of BTR. I call him the King of BTR.

Listen to internet radio with Tessler on Blog Talk Radio

Here is my thoughts on romney and Mormonism in the GOP.

Romney is a rino, no matter what fellow members of my church say about him.

No matter what you think I feel mormon's are christian too

Here is what I said to tessler.

Mormonism is a huge movement in the GOP

Utah is the reddest in the united states. it voted for GOP president since the 1980's.

Harry Reid Democratic Senate Majority leader is infact LDS.

does that mean that The LDS church should throw harry reid out for his Socialist stances? No.

I will speak about this on my show.

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