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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fight off Romney push for a brokered convention

I have decided the best thing to do is to push for a brokered GOP convention I will explain more on my Show later today. But this is my plan. I am not going to back Mitt Romney even though he shares the same Religion I do. I feel he has a flip flop problem just as bad as John Kerry. Also can you say Romneycare?  So you all Know Harry Reid is Mormon too and he is doing stuff that really pisses me off too. Also as a former Liberal I supported Obama and him making history was one of the reason's I voted for him. Mitt will be the first Mormon President (Making History). I will not make the making history mistake again. Newt Gingrich may have done things and is doing things to cheer me on like telling liberal moderators off at GOP debates, and demanding Lincoln Douglas style debates (Obama won't accept no matter what newt does), Also as house Speaker he had the contract with america. But Gingrich's infitellity and his vocalism too Progressive Ideas turn's me off (Sorry Glenn Beck is not saying this stuff to defend Mitt like Ann Coulter is Beck is not that big of a fan of Romneycare ether). I was for Ron Paul for a while but it was not Paul himself that turned Me off it was his supporters. Though I agree with his libertarian like views his supporters are Stubburn. They say Paul or else some have even said they will vote for Obama to teach the Gop a lesson. His supporters also look very highly at people like Alex Jones (A 9/11 Truther) and Jessie Ventura who is just as crazy as jones (Jones and Ventura make Glenn Beck's Conspiracies more Truthful, which beck is telling the truth).  Next some of Paul's Supporters call themselves Anarchocapitalist's Meaning they want a free market but are anarchist's which means they are against any form of government what so ever. Cleon Skousen's the 5000 year leap explains more on anarchy. But let me just say our country was founded as a country between anarchy and tyranny. Last but not least is Rick Santorum. I plan to vote for him but I still feel very uncomfortable about him Disliking Libertarians.

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So what do we do with these not perfect GOP Choices Push for a brokered convention. Vote for one of the three anti romney's Paul, Gingrich, or Santorum. Also Donate money to two or three of there campaigns. What I am going to do is vote for Santorum while Donating to both Paul's and Santorum's campaigns. Also Paul has Delegates who will back him and anyone that will stand up for what they stand for, so a brokered convention can and will happen.

If we go to a Brokered convention here is the choices of people we should go with.

Sarah Palin, Would conservatives vote to get a hot babe in the white house you betcha.

Jim Demint, I am all for him especially if he say's he embraces Libertarianism in the GOP.

Rand Paul, He is less of a firebrand then his father is, I also know Findalis on Blogtalk say's Jewish people will not back any member of the Paul family Because they think Rand's Dad Ron is an anti Semite or nazi. Rand is at least a lot more put together then his dad, Also Rand has said he is for defending Isreal so much so that Glenn Beck say's he would do anything in his power to get Rand in the White house.

Jon Huntsman, yeah I know he was a Chinese ambassador under Obama. But as Governor of Utah he helped the state gain more business and run less debt, He did try to Run But Romney got all the Mormon support, and his camp started to rough up the Ron Paul camp.

Mike Lee, or as I call him The Mormon end of the Tea Party. He was one of the Senators to vote against NDAA, He like his Senate counterpart Rand Paul has a Libertarian Conservative Streak and Unlike Paul he does not have the anti-sematic turn off that rand has. But also Unlike Mitt Romney he is a Mormon The Tea Party can get Behind.

Michelle Bauchman, Yeah she ran and it went no were. But like Palin she is good looking and smart. Also she is a former liberal which will push her to kick obama's butt.

Mitch Daniels, The governor of Indiana has a strong following and it showed when he turned down a presidential run and his supporters went for Huntsman. You can say his response to Obama's SOTU was lame but he does have a following.

Marco Rubio, I mean the guy beat Fla. former GOP Governor in the senate race for goodness sake.

Condie Rice, She was the best cabinet member in the bush administration.

Allen West, need I say more

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  1. I am so disappointed to hear Santorum on Libertarian principles. He answers the gay lobby exactly as I would, he is big on border control and he stands on his principles. For those reasons, I decided to endorse him, but one more big govt. candidate deciding for me and my neighbors what is good for us is enough to make me puke. I advocate govt. leave us alone as much as is practically possible. If I'm stupid, let the consequences of my choices rain on my head. If I'm religious, leave me alone. If I want to pump poisonous substances into my veins, leave me alone. Let the local govt. decide what level of liberty or management we will live with. We can vote with our feet. We can better control our local govt. and make our own decisions for what's best for our city or state.