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Monday, February 6, 2012

News you need to know, and political comment of the week.

Paul Romney Alliance?----------------Wash Post

Accused suspect, and husband of Victim, in Utah Missing person case blows up house killing him and his two

Paul supporter Sues Gingrich camp over broken foot--------------The Blaze

Paul gets ass handed to him in Nevada----------------------------Politico

Giants eliminate Patriots-------------------------------------------Huffington post

Holder say's he told no one in obama admin anything about fast and furious---------Daily caller

Corporatism is not free market Capitalism.-------------------------------Reason

Obama feels he is entitled to second term----------------------------------Daily Beast


Political Comment of week Mark Levin shoots self in foot on the subject of Ron Paul.

You may have heard this clip on my radio show but I thought this should be mentioned.


now heres what I mean about Levin shooting himself in the foot, This is from a month ago.


It seems to me like Mr. Levin is a Newt Bot or Santorum boy. It seems Levin is ok with a Paul Gop alliance as long as it is not with The Massachusetts Moderate. Mark Levin is ok with gingrich or santorum but not romney or paul hmmm. can you say flip flop?

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