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Monday, February 6, 2012

Ron Paul pushing for brokered GOP Convention, Ron Paul himself may not want four more years of obama but his liberty movement cannot be sold out.

          Ron Paul sitting with head of the conservative revolution and former US President Ronald Reagan

You may have caught last nights radio show. The Caller I brought on Mr. Politics who is part Ron Paul's liberty movement Said that the movement does not follow the man they follow the policy. I agree with that statement, the only thing I disagree with is Ron Paul supporters saying they will give Obama 4 more years to teach the GOP a lesson.

In all Reality I do not think Rep. Paul wants 4 more years of obama himself. The problem is unlike the Tea Party who is Behind Gingrich and Santorum. The Liberty Movement is more Stubburn and like Mr. Politics said to me last night they would basiclly hold the Gop hostage until there demands were met. I Support Ron Paul but I am not part of this movement that is talked about.

Now there has been talk of Unity between the Romney and Paul camp's. Most in the liberty Movement think it is the mainstream Media trying to End the Primaries as soon as possible. They also feel that Paul gets left out all the time. I think Paul's Movement thinks this way because of what other members of the GOP think of the 76 year old gynecologist from Texas. The funny thing is I have heard what has been said about Dr. Paul Being a member of Blog talk radio you hear it all, "Racist Jew Hater" or "Nazi" is what I have heard him be called.  I have also heard his supporters be called Nazi's too. I actually think that Romney and Paul are just close friends Because of who they are. Back in 08 Romney's Religion Mormonism stood in the way of him becoming President. I remember Because at the time Romney was Mentioned a lot in my State (Utah) like he is now because he saved the salt lake olympics from falling apart, and of course mormon's are a high population here. Paul on the other hand in 08 was considered a crazy old man because he wanted to withdrawl us from Iraq. Telling the GOP to go against everything that Bush stood for was a no no.
This all went on until the Tea Party arrived and embraced three party's. Republican, Libertarian, and Constitution.

With most of Dr.Pauls Followers saying Dr. Paul or else. Is the Tea Party going to Be able to help the GOP against Obama. I say yes. but what I hear from the Members of the liberty movement I think that they want the Tea Party Delegates to go with them. The Problem is Newt Gingrich will probably be like Ron Paul and fight Romney all the way to the convention. 

Hello Brokered Gop Convention. and I feel it will go 3 way's. there are Reports that Paul will find ways to turn the convention in his favor. But will the stubburn Paul deligates go with it? well just have to see. 

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