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Monday, February 27, 2012

Comrade Obama makes move to win votes and lies about his stance on Isreal

Well it look's like Obama is trying to cave to Democratic voters that got mad at him and his stance on Isreal.

Ed Koch former New York Mayor and TV judge has changed his stance on Comrade Obama saying 

"I congratulated him on his speech to the United Nations in which he acknowledged Israel's presence in a difficult neighborhood," Koch of course is referring to a Dinner party that comrade Obama invited him to after a Speech at the UN in which Obama flip flopped on his stance towards isreal.                      

video of speech in question:

Now with Ed Koch's new found support for Obama. Koch is turning the Tables on the people he supported in the summer by attacking current GOP front runner Rick Santorum by saying he is a right wing nut job. according to the glenn beck news site the blaze.

here is what I have to say Ed Koch if Obama does what he did again don't come running to us in the GOP because we won't help you we will do things our own way. And don't go on Fox news or Newsmax saying how much you dislike obama's Isreal policy because you just started listening to pinocchio.

and unlike the story of pinocchio if he tells the truth we will not be attacked by jihadist who want to destroy us and isreal, and if he is lying isreal will be wiped off the map. I place my bet's on the later, and I feel Comrade Obama did what he did to get Koch's vote. That's what Communist's do they lie to get what they want. and invite people to dinner. 

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