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Friday, March 9, 2012

Ron Paul's Neo-Nazi and White power group problem.

Thank you blogtalkradio buddy A12iggymom for bringing attention to this.

Ron Paul with Neo-Nazi Don Black and Don's son Derek.

Yes at one time I supported Ron Paul. But I lost interest in him not because of Ron Paul Himself but because of his Supporters. Most if not all of Mr. Paul's Supporters call themselves anarchocapitalist's meaning they are anarchist, I can talk about anarchy later. But now I want to talk about Ron Paul's support from Racist's and Neo-Nazi's.

They started a pro paul website, and Don Black (Pictured Above) and David Duke Have Both endorsed Ron Paul. At the same time there is A video from revolution pac saying Paul is not Racist.

All I can say is the Ron Paul supporters like what revolution pac is doing ETC. Can do these things But When Paul takes Pictures with Neo-Nazi's ETC. You have a Problem. Not just that any hope of a Ron or Rand Paul VP spot are dashed. Because as we all know the media never tell's the truth and so they can spin that any way they want. Like on a Mitt Romney/ Rand Paul Ticket The Media can say A Member of a Racist Church (which is not true) and the son of a man that associates with racist's are the GOP choice so go with Obama. Like I said my Problem with Ron Paul is not the man himself. But the people who support him.

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