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Friday, March 30, 2012

My political commentary post: how to bring youth into the gop umbrella.

I feel that the republican party has an age problem. The mellenial generation is a much needed group of voters. They are the reason Obama was elected into office. They have more to worry about when it comes to there future. I feel that the republican party may need to change some policies to embrace and throw out. Romney is not a social conservative like santorum. both santorum and romney have an enthusiasm problem especially with the youth. Ron paul has the enthusiasm but not the votes. So what does the gop do? Well they do what I said before and embrace a more libertarian viewpoint. Groups like GOProud and others can help with the view. Sites like breitbart helps with those things too. Here is what I think different cultures like geek and hip hop should be embraced by the gop. More elephants who play video games would be fun to watch.

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