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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why call Romney a member of the establishment when you are one yourself

    I am very much for what the Tea Party stands for. But I feel this attack on people who are not Republican enough to be in office is messed up. Though I am all for throwing incumbent GOP out of there Offices (I'm  part of the movement to remove Orrin Hatch in my state). But to say someone is a rino because they had to deal with a Liberal Legislature as governor and vetoed certain measures in laws only to get the Vetoes repealed by his legislature is stupid.

    So the question is. Is Romney really Tea Party Material? ask the Independence hall Tea Party who endorsed Romney. I here Newt and Santorum are more Tea Party than even Romney is. Well at the time of Tea Party rallies Newt and Santorum were not the only ones at the rallies. Romney was a speaker at them too. So Newt and Santorum are tea party as much as Romney is.

      Funny thing is Rush limbaugh and other talk radio host's call 
romney establishment. Funny thing is they are establishment themselves.

  At least hugh hewitt and some other's are not being cranky about Romney. Glenn Beck even said he would vote Romney over Newt if he had a choice.

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