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Friday, March 9, 2012

CNN Turns into MSNBC and gets told they did not do there job in 2008

Amy Holmes and The editor and Chief of school solidad obrien and the whole CNN network on not vetting Obama Much. This Vetting that Andrew Breitbart talked about is not to Vet Obama Himself. But to go after the mainstream media and tell them they were wrong to give Obama a pass. The Mainstream Media needs to wake up and smell the corruption.

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  1. They will never wake up to the fact the are pawns for the Democratic Party. They like their job, it is comfortable and they are getting used to the benefits of not being outsiders. They are all of the same kind of Marxist mindset as well, as you can tell from watching the video you posted.

    I posted the same video on a blog I wrote up yesterday on all of this, and it is clear the media does not want to acknowledge to the people that they did not vet this President the way they should have. They will make excuses to try and hide it now, but the fact of the matter is we know they is very clear!

    Our job now is to not allow this information to stop flowing. It is up to the Presidential candidate on the right to talk about this all the time and ask the President during debates why he would surround himself with people like he did in the past. He needs to be asked if he agrees with Critical Race Theory and other garbage spewed by Derrick Bell in the past during his college days when he stood up for the man and protested for him at Harvard.

    If the Republicans will not talk about this, then that just shows how spineless they really are. It is time the RNC got some new leadership, someone with the backbone to call out the media, the Left, and anyone who stands in their way. As Andrew Breitbart said (and I paraphrase), if they want to call us potential Timothy McVeigh's and racists...F YOU...WAR!