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Friday, April 6, 2012

I am a Member of the 99% But I don't blame the 1% for my financial inequality!!!!!

Mitt Romney is Facing the 99% vs the 1% problem. This Occupy crap Movement thing is very Dorky and is going to cause major problems with in our country.

I am a 99%er because I live in a slight form of poverty, I have nothing against the 1%. The 1% did not cause me to live in poverty. We may look at Paris Hilton and say that is proof that we are envious of the 1%.  But I say it is about success and the 99% does not like People having success. Ron Paul Supporters jump in occupy because they felt the Tea Party was hijacked by the GOP. Now Paul's supporters are slowly not liking occupy because they were hijacked too.


Mitt is not the type of 1%er that most think he is. Mitt worked to get to were he is. He knows what it is like to be a 99%er. He was a starving college student while also having a family. Mitt knows what hard work holds. Lets look at what his father George taught him about life. In the Book no apology he said that his father George had him doing hard work even when George was Governor of Michigan or CEO of AMC.

The truth is Mitt is not an mean evil Rich Guy like Occupy or Obama want to push around. Mitt is a down to earth person.


I plan to Put on a T-Shirt I'm part of the 99% but I'm OK with the 1%.

I did make a t-shirt.


  1. You really DON'T get it. The 99% vs 1% issue is not a personal level one. It's an economic and political one. Government has catered to the whims of corporate America for so long and allowed them to basically write laws to suit them at consumer's expense that the distribution of wealth has become lopsided in the extreme. Wages are artificially low so that profits are artificially high. That's the watered down idiot version but surely you understand it at that level. If you continue peeling back the layers and dig into some world economic history, you will find all the other elements that make this the worst possible economic scenario we could possibly have in what USED to be a Democratic society with a capitalistic economy. Not ONCE in the history of EARTH has an economy where a tiny fraction of the population controlled the vast proportion of wealth ever NOT collapsed. Those who refuse to learn from the mistakes of the past are destined to repeat them. The 1% may not individually be responsible for YOUR poverty but the system they collectively created to enrich themselves at your expense IS. And THAT is what you SHOULD be fighting!

  2. You mean like the people's republic of Russia? It took them 20 years to revive their economy and they started out socialist by the time they broke up there was no 1% to 99% ratio it was 100% distribution of wealth and not vary many people, except the government had wealth. No what's destroying this economy is entitlements. And not the rich people have money so they can do what ever they want kind, mean the I deserve to go to college for free kind. Things cost money and if they didnt they would require goods and services. The only reason china is having a decent economy now is because everyone wants to buy things at cheep prices so, cheep prices require cheep labor. If you had actually studied your world history like you calmed to have you would realize its about supply and demand! You cant expect to get cheep products and not have the manufactures and suppliers get paid.

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