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Monday, April 2, 2012

My two choices for Romney's Vice President.

With all the choices of VP picks being said for Romney here is my two Pick's and Predictions.

   Jim Demint is my first pick and choice because he is the leader of the Tea Party in the senate and He and Romney are close friends.

    Chris Christie I know you may say Him and Romney are the same people, But he is my second choice because of how he handled the Union's in New Jersey. I also feel that he will get vocal with Democratic Douche Bag's. 

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  1. I used to be a very big supporter of Christie. The way he handles most situations is something that we do need in this country, but then he decided to screw up late last year when he decided to appoint Sohail Mohammed to a Superior Court Judgeship in the state of New Jersey. He even lashed out in the media because of talk that Mohammed may support a Sharia stance in America. he said it was "ignorance" that was behind the criticism of Mohammed, although looking at his background I am not so sure of that. He had known connections and represented individuals connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, not two groups I would stick up for personally.

    Having said that I suppose their could be worse picks that Romney could make, but not too many worse than that. Conservatives had their time dreaming about Christie, but once he nominated Mohammed that was the end of the loving on the Conservative side for that man. I doubt that Romney would push out the base just try to win Independent votes, and frankly Christie brings you nothing to the table. He cannot bring New Jersey for the Republicans, that would be a pipe dream at best.

    Demint would be a choice, it would not be one that would make me all crazy about it but it is better than Christie. Rubio would also be another choice and could possibly help in Florida. Mitch Daniels, Governor of Indiana would also be a solid choice and could possibly get back some of the Conservative votes that would otherwise have sat home on election day, but I am not sure it will do enough to turn the tables. it is always worth a shot though.

    Possibly Paul Ryan as well, although I think that is a pretty far-fetched idea. I doubt Ryan would do it and I highly doubt he will be asked.