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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The point of no return?

Romney has all three primaries.

 But Santorum is being a Punk and will not leave. I feel he better get out for the good of the country. We do not need a convention floor fight if we have one we will lose this thing. The Party need's unite around Romney. If you Don't and Push for a Brokered convention I will be mad at the extremism in the gop so much so I may re register as an independent and get out of the GOP. 

 Get out of the Race now Rick Santorum!!!!!!!

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  1. Santorum will get out, but probably not until after PA on April 24th. I just wrote up a post tonight saying he should get out now, him and Gingrich (knowing Ron Paul will just stay there because he is delusional) but I am not so sure it will happen so fast. The race is about over, and even the chance of a floor fight is almost slim to none with the victories tonight and looking at the exit polls from Wisconsin, a state where Santorum should have won.

    It is up to Romney now to look away from the primary process and not spend any time what so ever on the other Republicans but ALL of his time talking about the President. If he really believes this race is over (as I am ready to concede) then he has no other choice than to go after the President's message and his policies.