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Monday, April 2, 2012

Here come the dumb religion Questions!!!!!

Look's like Mitt got asked a dumb question about his religion. At least he turned the question around to a positive, and Talked about Being a Bishop and serving in LDS Church capacities.

The question was about what LDS Scripture say's about People with a dark skin tone and The thought that it has to do with god cursing them, Funny thing is the Question was asked by a Ron Paul Supporter. Some people just need to stop asking stupid questions. I am LDS and I thought that was a dumb question.

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  1. Of course it was asked by a Ron Paul supporter, those people are out of their mind nuts to begin with. I may not like Romney, but it is not because of his religious choices. He could be a Buddhist for all I care, as long as he was going to do the right thing politically for we the people. Of course the media has a field day with these types of things because they attack Romney all the time for his religious choices. Of course they attack anyone who is religious and talks about it period, so I am sure he has become used to it by this point.