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Monday, April 2, 2012

The Bob Dole conundrum.

  My buddy Shawn over at Conservative T and T Brought this up so I thought I would say my peace. Mitt Romney is somewhat like Bob Dole. Romney may have some of the same political views as Dole. But unlike Dole Romney is a Governor. There was another Governor that has the same personality as Romney and Dole. This Person is a Democrat and he ran against an Incumbent President.

    Would we be saying President Bill Clinton if he lost the Race? no. The reason I think that Most are hoping for a Brokered convention is so the Media pay's More attention to the republican Party and not looking at overly worshiped by the media Obama. The truth is that we can say Romney is not the choice and we need a convention floor fight.

     I hate to tell these people for a brokered convention this. but after the convention the GOP only has 2 to 3 months to kick Obama's Butt. A brokered convention will make things worse. If we have a nominee at least in May or June we have a chance to kick obama out of office.  


  1. First of all, nice change to the color Randy. It will make for more people to be able to read what you have to say much easier.

    I am not hoping for a brokered convention because the media will be forced to pay attention to the Republicans longer, I am just hoping for one because the man who is in the lead has so many issues that he himself is not willing to admit. he went to the right to try and win this primary, which some could argue did not really work as well as he had planned on. But even leaving that argument aside, I do not see where he is driving in the base of the Republican Party. Poll after poll shows Romney losing demographic after demographic, not because he cannot win them but because the way he runs his campaign. I do not personally know anyone who is working on his campaign on the national level, but if I did I would ask why they still have a job! Like I posted in the response to you at my blog, if Romney REALLY believed that he was the nominee he should be going after Obama in many different ways, not just the economy.

    Yes, Romney has experience in the private sector but to the people that will only get him so far. He is not talking about the strange alliances between Obama and known Marxists, Black Nationalists, and Communists. He will not speak about the over-control of government that Obama has taken in his years as President via the Executive orders he has signed. He is not pushing the campaign on anything, expect for Russia and if the debate is going to be if Russia can be trusted then I am not so sure that is going to get him anywhere on its face. Ever where I look I see Romney arguing either the same talking points he has for months or making a gaffe that even he knows will end up in the MSM and be pushed to make him look like a fool.

    At the end of the day, YES, he COULD win a race against President Obama, but he is not starting off very well for a man who thinks he is the eventual nominee of his party's nomination. He is acting almost like he has it all wrapped up and can go about talking as he has been talking. it will just not work. I do not like anyone in this field, I think they all lack the backbone that is needed in a 12 round fight against Obama and the media. Romney, however, is not showing that he will take the fight to the President. Add that to his past and it is very hard to get Conservative Republicans or even some middle of the road Democrats to jump on board what he is selling.

    It is ALL about the message, and Romney has no message.

  2. I understand what you are saying shawn. But as I said in my post. We have a short time between convention and election. We may lose if we put someone else in there.