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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Obama Brag's he killed Bin laden and Romney would not have.

1980 Jimmy Carter was at once president of the united states. Iran had Hostages and would not let them go. Also there was major gas crisis. Ronald Reagan Ran against Carter and won.


Now we have a bad economy that Mitt Romney say's he can fix and Barack Obama is using the death of Bin Laden as a political football.

The idea is basically based on a quote Romney made in 2007. Were Romney said That Pakistan would be in the loop if he were pres and bin laden was in pakistan (we of course know that was true) But there is a clip in 2011 were Romney says any President would kill Bin Laden.


Well I am so waiting for the dork's who yell flip flopper to do it again. But Romney can use this to his advantage. For example Several Navy Seal's are mad that Obama used this as a football. Yes Bin Laden was killed and it was a good move. But Romney is right any president would make the move to take care of bin laden.

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