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Friday, June 29, 2012

SCOTUS Keeps Obama care GOP plan's to repeal it.

Via Associated Press.

        Thanks to John Roberts, SCOTUS upheld Obama care. Because of that the GOP is vowing to Repeal the law. Every republican from Mitt Romney who say's on day one Obama care will be repealed, to Eric Cantor scheduling a Obama care Repeal on July 11th. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rep. Jim Matheson D-UT say's he will vote Eric Holder in contempt for fast and furious.

Via Breitbart.

If you live in Utah and agree with Eric Holder even the Democrat representing you is voting to hold Holder in Contempt. It looks like all three Representatives from Utah will push for holding holder in contempt. Rep. Jim Matheson D-UT is quoted as saying, "It just compounds the tragedy when both sides play politics instead of releasing the facts. The Terry family, the public and Congress deserve answers," Rep Matheson said. "Sadly, it seems that it will take holding the attorney general in contempt to communicate that evasiveness is unacceptable."

Matheson is making the right move here. Matheson though might be facing a tough campaign for the newly added 4th district seat. In november he face's Mia Love a very popular conservative. More Republican's need to stand by Democrat's like Matheson. Not by voting for them but by defending them.

Fast and Furious: After last ditch effort and failure to get documents, contempt vote on Holder will proceed. Some House Democrats will vote holder in contempt.

Via Yahoo News. and via Washington D.C. CBS local.

The house Gop last night made a last ditch effort with the Obama administration to avoid Holding Eric Holder in contempt of congress. But the administration avoided giving the needed documents so Holder will still be held in contempt. Also The NRA is convincing Pro-Gun Democratic members of the house to vote to hold Holder in contempt. Rep. Steny Hoyer Even says some house Democrats will vote to hold Holder in contempt.

Opinion: Why Orrin Hatch won the primary.

Story now on the blaze.

Tonight Orrin Hatch won his primary in Utah, but why? Well There are lots of reason's I feel more things could have been done by his challenger and Freedom works........

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Orrin Hatch to Keep his senate seat.

via Deseret News.

Orrin Hatch will be still Running to keep his senate seat, Dan Liljenquist tried with the help of freedom works. But Hatch can hold up his conservative credentials and win. This effects me because I live in Utah I was a liljenquist supporter. But I admit defeat and will support hatch in the General.  

Sen's, Lieberman and McCain may know who in the Obama leaked National Security info.

Via Fox News.

Sen's Lieberman and McCain beleve the leaker of state secrets is Tom Donilon an obama adviser. Because he is mentioned in a book that got Info from the leaker. I hope the leak gets plugged and someone get's charged with treason.

NPR: FBI Say's: 100 Suspected Islamic extremist's in the U.S. Military.

Via The Blaze.

We all know about Nidal Hasan shooting up Fort Hood yelling Allah Ackbar. Well NPR is reporting that the FBI is telling them that there are 100 suspected Islamic Extremist's in the U.S. Military and they are targeting Military bases.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Saturday, June 23, 2012

National Review: Paul Ryan being vetted for the Vice Presidency.

Via National Review.

According National Review Paul Ryan has turned his forms in to the Romney Campaign and Being vetted for VP. It is not just Marco Rubio now..............

Friday, June 22, 2012

Update: Flipping off Reagan Homosexual activist's to Appear on MSNBC but not for flipping Reagan off.

Via the Blaze.

I posted a post showing Homosexual activist's flipping of Ron Reagan, Well those same people will be on MSNBC but not because they trashed Reagan......

Because of a little situation that was videotaped and caused backlash on youtube.

Homosexual activist's show disrespect to Ronald Reagan at White House Event.

Via The Blaze.

Some people have poor taste even when it comes to people who have since been dead and buried. Even a deceased popular former President. 

These pictures were taken by a by a homosexual activist group that were at the white house for the first ever Gay pride event at the white house. as you may notice the pictures show them flipping the Bird at Ronald Reagan's Presidential painting.

One of them even have the audacity to post the pictures on Facebook saying " F@#K Reagan" Because they thought he did not do enough with the Aids epidemic in the 80's.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blue elephant in full motion video.

I have almost all the equipment to do a show for blip.TV I hope you look for the pilot test episode coming soon.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Wallace and Crowley Grill David Plouffe


Fox news Sunday had David Plouffe (An Obama Minion) on this morning, and Host Chris Wallace grilled him on the National Security Leak scandal. Plouffe just went into the usual spin that AG Holder picked fair attorney's to investigate, Wallace also mentioned The Jack Abramoff scandal and that had an independent prosecutor. Plouffe then said that was a different case.

Plouffe was also on CNN's state of the union, Funny thing is he did not escape a grilling from Candy Crowley...


This was a 2 pointer for Ms. Crowley who last Sunday trounced on David Axelrod. This time it was about the Economy and the Executive order Obama Pushed that I posted yesterday. Plouffe Like he Did on Fox turned on the Spin machine again by saying Congress won't give Obama what he want's Because They want Romney Elected.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Obama VS. The Daily Caller

Yesterday Obama announced a executive ordered version of the Dream act. Of course Most of us who are conservative and or libertarian Know that this is a political ploy to get Hispanic votes....

Well yesterday a white house reporter for the daily caller asked questions in a way Obama's supporters think he is a Heckler.

I am going to give the reporters reaction and his bosses reaction to this situation. statement from the reporter.

Tucker Carlson, Editor-in-Chief: “I don’t remember Diane Sawyer scolding her colleague Sam Donaldson for heckling President Reagan. And she shouldn’t have. A reporter’s job is to ask questions and get answers. Our job is to find out what the federal government is up to. Politicians often don’t want to tell us. A good reporter gets the story. We’re proud of Neil Munro.”

 Neil Patel, Publisher: “The President today announced a very controversial policy and does not want to answer tough questions about it. Neil Munro is a veteran Washington reporter who today tried his best to time his question to be first as the President was wrapping up his remarks. He in no way meant to heckle the President of the United States.”

Now here is how I feel about it.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rand Paul endorses Romney. Alex Jones and Paulbot's are still being stubborn.

Did you all see this Endorsement:

Rand made the Right Decision on this I think the Paul Family is realizing mindlessly following anti Bilderburgers, 9/11 Truthers, and Anarchist's will not help them politically.

The problem is the conspiracy Nut's are yelling that Rand and or Ron Paul are Selling out.

As you can tell from the Alex Jones video these Paul supporters won't even listen to Ron Paul himself. Like it or not the GOP convention will be a disaster if we don't get vocal and say something to these psychos. My suggestion is call alex jones show and harass him till he knows how it feel's to harass others like Michelle Malkin

I am tired of these people that need to be in padded rooms that instead have talk radio shows.

here is the numbers to call into this psychos show Weekdays: (800)259-9231 Sunday's: (877)789-2539

Update: Jack Hunter has a different opinion of the rand endorsement: