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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Opinion: Why Orrin Hatch won the primary.

Story now on the blaze.

Tonight Orrin Hatch won his primary in Utah, but why? Well There are lots of reason's I feel more things could have been done by his challenger and Freedom works........
Hatch's challenger Dan Liljenquist should have avoided the demands to debate hatch. Freedom works should have also re thought their Retire Hatch Campaign. But it was not just the fault of Liljenquist and freedom works. Hatch was being supported by Talk Radio host's like Mark Levin have stated that they do not like what Freedom works was doing to oust hatch.

There were other reasons also. Utah is Romney land and Rick Santorum endorsed Liljenquist. In which case Liljenquist tried to avoid the endorsement. Romney on the other hand endorsed Hatch. So Liljenquist had no chance. Also it is being said because of Sen. Mike Lee the Tea Party in Utah may be dead. While the rest of the country is more strong with the tea party.

Another thing that is funny is that Glenn Beck who has a strong following in Utah wanted hatch out too. Everyone in Utah likes hatch.  

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