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Friday, June 22, 2012

Homosexual activist's show disrespect to Ronald Reagan at White House Event.

Via The Blaze.

Some people have poor taste even when it comes to people who have since been dead and buried. Even a deceased popular former President. 

These pictures were taken by a by a homosexual activist group that were at the white house for the first ever Gay pride event at the white house. as you may notice the pictures show them flipping the Bird at Ronald Reagan's Presidential painting.

One of them even have the audacity to post the pictures on Facebook saying " F@#K Reagan" Because they thought he did not do enough with the Aids epidemic in the 80's.

 Here is what I have to say First you are a guest in the white house were are your manners, Also no matter how you felt about the man you don't trash the President. I will never say F@#K Obama then flip him the bird.

Does anyone respect the office of the president anymore?

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