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Monday, June 18, 2012

Wallace and Crowley Grill David Plouffe


Fox news Sunday had David Plouffe (An Obama Minion) on this morning, and Host Chris Wallace grilled him on the National Security Leak scandal. Plouffe just went into the usual spin that AG Holder picked fair attorney's to investigate, Wallace also mentioned The Jack Abramoff scandal and that had an independent prosecutor. Plouffe then said that was a different case.

Plouffe was also on CNN's state of the union, Funny thing is he did not escape a grilling from Candy Crowley...


This was a 2 pointer for Ms. Crowley who last Sunday trounced on David Axelrod. This time it was about the Economy and the Executive order Obama Pushed that I posted yesterday. Plouffe Like he Did on Fox turned on the Spin machine again by saying Congress won't give Obama what he want's Because They want Romney Elected.

I have to say something about this Obama Minion Plouffe he is a pain in the rear. Him, Axelrod, obama's former Press Secretary Robert Gibb's make me want to puke. Cause they are Minions of Obama. When I was an Obama supporter all we could see was them Because they are Obama Minion's. 

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